Chuck Norris World Of Warcraft Commercial

Chuck Norris World Of Warcraft Commercial

November 23, 2011 in Blog, World Of Warcraft

Chuck Norris World Of Warcraft Commercial

OMFG have you seen the commercial with Chuck Norris, one word GODLY!!!! Serious though just that fact that they finally make a commercial with the man himself totally legendary. Youtube should change the color of the title to ORANGE, since that is the color of all legendary things in World of Warcraft. I think I have watched it over 100 times already, you should check it out too, either youtube search or click this link: Chuck Norris WOW commercial

When I first saw the Chuck Norris World of Warcraft commercial I was watching a football game on Sunday. As soon as I saw the commercial I started laughing so hard and saying words like, EPIC, Legendary, WOW, Leet, and so on. Of course none of this made sense to my friends and family members since they don’t play wow and have real lives; but for me it was amazing. As most people do the first thing I did was make a facebook status update and a twitter update cause I had to get the word out.

One I was done posting about the Chuck Norris World of Warcraft commercial I went back to the party. Drinks, shots, beer pong, jell-o shots, and foot. Oh forgot to mention it was at my cousins birthday party, and now you know. Back to my story, so fun day and night of partying; got home at like 10pm which was a total surprise cause I felt like it was 4am. Then i loaded up my pc, opened wow and vent and started /2 or in the trade channel and letting everyone know both in game and in vent about the epic World of Warcraft commercial that Chuck Norris was in.

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